Heather Lang Osteopath
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Heather Lang

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Heather Lang has worked extensively in osteopathic practice and development throughout the UK and Canada. She combines classic structural, craniosacral and visceral osteopathy with fascial manipulation and release techniques to adapt each treatment to the requirements of the individual patient.

In addition to anatomy and physiology, her initial 4 year training included internal medicine, clinical assessment, massage, nutrition and a 2 year study and diploma in naturopathy.

At postgraduate level, Heather has expanded her practice with training in muscle activation sequencing, visceral maniuplation, advanced lymphatic drainage and trigger point fascial release and activation. She has also undertaken paediatric courses from the London School of Osteopathy. In combining knowledge of these approaches, Heather gives special consideration to how fascial drag, congestive abnormalities and abdominal disorders can effect back and neck pain.

Whilst running practices in Northern Ireland, Heather has had the privilege of working closely with therapists from many different disciplines and developed an interest in Oriental medicine, studying Tui-Na Chinese medical massage. She went on to study Western Medical acupuncture and spinal acupuncture with the College of Chinese Medicine. She is a third level Usui Reiki practitioner, charted 10 in direct ascension from Dr Mikao Usui and a Celtic Reiki master.

Prior to osteopathy, Heather attained her first degree in combined Animal behaviour and ergonomics in 1994 from Edinburgh.